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Step 1

Scan your damaged photo

Please scan your damaged photo or
mail us the form with your original photos.

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Step 2

Fill form and upload photos

Please send your file through this application form.

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Step 3

We send restored file back to you

Once the order is ready, you will receive
a notification by e-mail.

Restorations Start at $39.99

We can only provide our customers with a general price range for different levels of damaged images. Additional charges may apply depending on individual image restoration needs. Handling fee of $1.99 will be applied to individual Restoration image scans due to delicate state of damaged photo.

Custom editing/ Photoshop available upon request. No general price range provided online. Bring your image in for a quote. Price and charges are applied depending on intricacy and time spent on custom requested project. Single scan charge of $6.99 will be applied to photo if scanning needed. All restoration and custom edited orders include media disc.

Additional copies of media discs to share with friends and family are available for order.

DVD (4.75GB)Price : $9.99

Send us your image.

Scan at a minimum of 300 DPI
"in your scanner settings"

Drag and drop your image

Approve invoice and you will get you restored photos

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