Slide & Negatives Scanning

Packages cover any combination of Slides (35mm, 110, and 126 in 2″x2″ mounts), 35mm Negatives (in rolls or strips),  and APS (Advanced Photo System, e.g. Kodak Advantix, FujiFilm Nexia, et al. cartridges containing developed negatives). Standard resolution is 2000dpi with options for 3000dpi and 4000dpi.

Slide & Negatives Scanning Package add-ons

(you can add these options during checkout)

Package add-ons250 Photos500 Photos1,000 Photos2,000 Photos3,000 Photos5,000 Photos10,000 Photos
GOLD @3000 DPI$19.95$34.95$59.95$89.95$159.95$229.95$495.95
PLATINUM @4000 DPI$29.95$49.95$99.95$189.95$309.95$469.95$985.95
EXTRA DVDS$7.95$8.95$11.95$18.95$24.95$39.95$49.95
FLASH DRIVE$12.00$12.00$20.00$20.00$27.00$27.00$39.00
CAROUSEL & TRAY SERVICE$19.95$39.95$74.95$139.95$189.95$259.95$399.95
TIFF FILES$39.95$159.95$269.95$399.95$539.95$795.95$995.95
TV/DVD SLIDESHOW MOVIE$39.95$49.95$79.95$109.95$139.95$189.95$259.95