Yes we all want the latest electronics, latest wearable technology, the best gaming platform and the trendy accessories for the holidays, our birthdays, and special occasions, we don’t blame you, we do as well… hopefully that first sentence is getting to Santa if not please share it with him @ Santa’s Facebook…. But how long do those gifts stay relevant? What happens next summer or fall when Samsung or Apple come out with the latest phone that now has holographic face time, a laser engraver and of course infinite battery life…We will likely demand to have the latest gadget and may even come up with a deal with our significant others or “sponsors” to get it as soon as it comes out. Well Fort Worth Photo Lab, FWPL, has the solution to the conundrum of gifts, well… may be not to all of them, you still have to solve the mystery of what else she may want you to surprise her with, you know what we are talking about right?


Our solutions is simple but special, one that complements that fancy holiday gift, one that makes congratulating someone for a special occasion or achievement extra exceptional, and that is a “personalized card”, and what can make it even more special is a personalized photo of your choice…. and voila now you have the missing ingredient, a photo card! So lets get serious now, may be not that serious… So how does this help you solve the problem of gifts? True your little teenage brother definitely does not want a photo card of you since he still remembers all those fights, but almost everyone else will appreciate such detail. Why? Because photo cards do not loose their value over time, their value actually increases, the next one will not replace it, it will rather complement it. Photo cards are for almost everyone and for almost every special occasion, so that covers a lot of ground.


At some point in your life you may have been part of that embarrassing conversation, where your mom starts talking about the little drawings you used to make for her and starts going on and on about how cute it was and how she treasures it, she might even pull them out for all to see, if you have not been in that situation let this be your warning. The point is that she does not mention the new apple watch you just gave her for her birthday with as much emotion as she does the small yet thoughtful gesture, which you took a bit of extra time to customize for her.

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