At some point in our lives we may stop and think about time. What is time?

Who came up with the brilliant idea of dividing day and night into almost perfect intervals (because a day is not exactly 24 hrs.) so that we could measure our lifetimes.

Well if you ask a physicist or cosmologist they might tell you that time is the 4th dimension and that if you can travel close to the speed of light you can make time go slower ; If you ask a race car driver he might tell you that is his greatest competitor, the one to beat; if you ask a historian he might tell you that is the single most important aspect of history, otherwise how can you tell? when did it happen? if you ask most people they might tell you that is how they can tell if they will make it to a warm dinner or not, but if you ask me I would say that aside from telling me when to wake up, time is just a number.

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