Digitizing Box Kits


Send us your Digitizing box kit, filled with old home movies and pictures. We do the rest, digitizing your moments onto thumb drive, a Digital Transfer, or DVD.

We have 4 Digitizing sizes to choose from, so pick your box and let us get started.

* mix and match different format types.
Example: 2 Unit Digitizing Box = 2 items. Potential combination could be one tape and one set of 30 photos, for a total of two items.

* in the event that you send more items than the purchased package, we can invoice you without any issues for the difference, so do not stress.

* All prints are scanned at archival original size of 300 DPI

Super Easy and Safe Mail-In Model

Once you purchase your Digitizing Box, we will ship the kit to you. Simply send your Digitize box kit, filled with tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. Upon delivery we’ll do the rest, digitizing your moments onto thumb drive, Transferring via We Transfer, or DVD. We've combined the experience of the past, with E-Commerce technology to make it easy and safe.