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Photo Restoration Digital Upload


Let our experts bring your image back to life,

Simply Scan your item at 300 dpi and upload to us thru this portal from your phone or computer.

If a cellphone photo is all you have, submit it and we will work with what you have. 

*In the rare case that your image is too damaged for us to repair you may rest assured that we will refund you fully.

*If you select the incorrect level of restoration, we will refund you or invoice you for the difference after inspecting the image.

Basic rule of thumb for restoration levels.

LOW : If lightly faded or has thin scratches or missing corners not affecting the subjects.

MED : If severely faded but not so that all appear ghostly, much larger pieces missing maybe on articles of clothing but not any damage on peoples faces.

HIGH : Any damage to the face usually falls under this , and extremely faded or water damaged images.