Sensor & DSLR Cleaning

The most common issue is dust accumulation in your sensor. Fort Worth Photo Lab offers Sensor Cleaning. When we say “cleaning the sensor” we are actually referring to the filter that covers the electronic CMOS or CCD element, which is what actually produces your photos. This is an EXTREMELY delicate surface therefore we recommend to have this service done by a trained specialist.

$55 gets your sensor clean with 1 lens cleaned externally in 2 to 3 days turn around.

$25 for every additional lens.

Need it ASAP? Ring us we will work with you.

(817) 731-1555 or

Memory Card Recovery

Let Fort Worth Photo Lab help you with this awful problem.

Did you lose you photos? or maybe format an Sd, Cf card?

Did your Hard Drive or USB become Corrupted?


We can help recover your data, here are a few things to keep in mind before making this problem an even bigger one.

Stay calm and write down how the problem occurred.

Do Not! Re format or save to or from the Card or Hard drive in question.

Bring it in to our store as soon as possible so that we may give you a free quote and get you on your way to having those files back in your posession.


Media Recovery Runs as follows

Up to 8GB Memory Card or USB $30

16GB-32GB Memory Card or USB $50

34GB-128Gb Memory Card or USB $70

HDD/SSD Logical Recovery (corrupt or Deleted Files) $399-599

HDD/SSD Physical Recovery (Mechanical Failure, Disaster) $850-$1,800

RAID (Case by Case Basis)